appeal in a sentence

use appeal in a sentence

He has some mysterious appeal which seems to drive women crazy.

Going shopping doesn’t really appeal to me; I’d rather go for a walk in the park.

The supper wasn’t very appealing looking, but it tasted delicious.

The government of North Korea appealed to the world for aid during the famine there.

The murderer’s lawyer is planning to appeal his sentence, saying one of the witnesses lied.

The President has made an appeal for calm in Los Angeles after a night of rioting.

Our product should appeal to teenagers, and those who are young at heart.

Actress Sophia Loren once said that sex appeal is 50% what you’ve got, and 50% what people think you’ve got.

The American government has put out an appeal for information regarding the whereabouts of two men wanted in connection with the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

Ancient Roman gladiators, as a result of their immense public appeal, performed product endorsements.

Soccer’s widespread appeal in the poor parts of the world is due to the fact that no special equipment is required, other than some kind of ball.