apparatus in a sentence

Several competitive underwater sports are practiced without breathing apparatus .

Department staffing is 2 firefighters per apparatus .

We used three kinds or sonar apparatus .

And some very old apparatus parked outside.

Two doors open above the apparatus bay.

It was a 3 gallon impulse ejection type apparatus .

The entire apparatus was 50 cm above the floor.

A pervasive political police apparatus suppressed all dissent.

The entire apparatus rotated once every two minutes.

The aides were transferred to fire apparatus .

The rudder head and steering apparatus are left entirely unprotected.

The kitchen is equipped with highly elaborate electrical apparatus .

A complicated bureaucratic apparatus governed censorship at home.

The chewing apparatus indicated a vegetarian diet.

The composition requirements are different for each apparatus .

The Chinese propaganda apparatus has many layers.

Pressure is applied in a ceramic plate apparatus .

Athletes use expressive movement and apparatus manipulation.

Control of the party apparatus is fundamental.

For heavy power working the speed is limited by such apparatus .