Apologetic – Apologetically in a sentence

use Apologetic – Apologetically in a sentence

Frank was very apologetic on the phone when I asked him why he had missed the meeting.

Gillian smiled apologetically when asked why she hadn’t finished her chores.

The boy gave an apologetic shrug, but said nothing.

The Zimbabwean government expected the British government to take responsibility for the attack and grovel apologetically.

Nikki waved her hands apologetically at Helen who smiled and beckoned her into the house.

I have to say that he seemed like a decent chap and was genuinely apologetic about their mistake.

Everyone shook their heads apologetically, although each of them were smoking and had plenty of tobacco.

He was apologetic to me – he knew that I wasn’t that type of person.

Factual errors are sometimes found and the apologetic stance is not always satisfactory.