anymore in a sentence

No such claims are being made anymore .

With criminals knowing law abiding citizens cant defend themselves anymore .

I hardly ever play single player games anymore .

There are very few true men anymore .

Eternal life means never having to die anymore .

The precise date is not known anymore .

Nobody takes a “lunch hour” anymore .

Are old arguments concerning emotion and meaning valid anymore ?

The vampire is simply not scary anymore .

The game is rarely played on school campuses anymore .

No one is carrying around transistor radios anymore .

No games are taken for granted anymore .

The actual voice call was not recorded anymore .

This sleeping bag is not made anymore .

My papers don t get cited anymore .

I never feel joy about anything anymore .

There are too many reality television shows on anymore .

No country has any battleships anymore today.

He is certainly not sleep deprived anymore .

Why is direct democracy not used anymore ?

Her insurance wont pay for anymore inpatient mental health care.

Babies are not really being born anymore .

And not much actual racing anymore either.

There are not enough gentleman scientists anymore .

There is no “power” anymore .