Anxiety in a sentence

Narcotic drugs are known to depress the nervous system activity, in addition to reducing sensitivity to pain, and feelings of anxiety.

Psychologists will diagnose an anxiety disorder when levels of worry become so extreme that the person’s behavior is impaired.

Stress and anxiety levels play a large role in pregnant women’s daily health.

Mason Cooley once said that alcohol postpones anxiety, and then multiplies it.

Side effects of medications, stress, anxiety, or drinking alcohol may sometimes make you feel dizzy.

The students’ anxiety escalated with the news that the exam was worth 50% of their final mark.

Pauline Kael once said that a mistake in judgment isn’t fatal, but too much anxiety about judgment is.

Studies show that regular physical activity reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression for older people, and fosters improvements in mood, and feelings of well-being.

Giosue Borsi once said that the great thought, the great concern, the great anxiety of men is to restrict, as much as possible, the limits of their own responsibility.

Laurence Perrine once noted that suspense in fiction is greatest when the reader’s curiosity is combined with anxiety about the fate of some sympathetic character.

Withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or other addictive drugs often last for a few days and may include sweating, anxiety, shivers or vomiting.