antisemitic in a sentence

Opposition to antisemitic prejudice ran across party lines.

Several fundamentalist churches also preach antisemitic messages.

A few antisemitic incidents were recorded during this period.

Hamas has been widely described as antisemitic .

This idea was often intertwined with antisemitic ideas.

The Nazi antisemitic program quickly expanded beyond mere speech.

The antisemitic theme has a long and sad history.

This could be done without necessarily being antisemitic .

It has also been accused of using antisemitic rhetoric.

Norris has been characterized as an antisemitic writer.

Holocaust denial is widely known to be antisemitic .

Your selective inclusion of events betrays your antisemitic nature .

Sir Menzies said her remarks had “clear antisemitic connotations”.

The law contained antisemitic elements, eventually eliminated in 1950.

On June 2014 there were several antisemitic hate crimes.

The government’s antisemitic policy yielded more successes the next year.

Although often labelled antisemitic , the group repeatedly denies this label.

They were used to represent Jews in antisemitic propaganda.

Some biblical scholars have also been accused of holding antisemitic beliefs.

Being critical of Israeli policies is very different than being antisemitic .

In Ukraine violence against Jews and antisemitic graffiti remains.

Quebec nationalists assert that English-speaking Canada was antisemitic .

antisemitic parties were formed but soon collapsed.