Antique in a sentence

use Antique in a sentence

We bought a beautiful antique lamp in a little store on Fort Street.

Collecting antique furniture is a very expensive hobby.

We found this table at a little antique dealer in Boston.

Bo gave Sherri a beautiful antique ring for their engagement.

They furnished their entire house with old furniture they bought in antique stores throughout Newfoundland.

We burnt our chairs a tiny bit and sanded them and banged them around to give them an antique look.

He thought he had bought an antique brass bed, but it turned out to be a fake.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Give me insight into today, and you may have the antique and future worlds.”

She left her wooden chair out in the rain and beat it with a stick to give it an antique look.

Technology is changing so fast that a computer bought a decade ago is regarded as practically an antique nowadays.