antihero in a sentence

He has sometimes been considered an antihero .

Daredevil himself was gradually developed into an antihero .

I’ve had enough of antiheroes who redeem themselves.

Raistlin is best described as the archetypal antihero or tragic hero.

Just like I love any other antihero .

Especially when the director’s feelings about his antihero were somewhat mixed.

His role in comics has varied from supervillain to antihero to superhero.

In the novel, Grendel is portrayed as an antihero .

He has been known for his versatile portrayals of antiheroes and vulnerable characters.

Grim brutal antiheroes are officially OVER.

In the series, he is the co-protagonist and antihero .

Like Michiru, Haruka is sometimes considered an antihero .

In the series, Pete is the major antagonist and the main antihero .

In recent years, however, antiheroes have also become prominent in professional wrestling.

In X2, Magneto returns as an antihero in the second film.

The character was primarily a supervillain but now is often portrayed as an antihero .

They translate to potent animosity, which will benefit the Shield as conquering antiheroes .

In an interview, Rowling described Snape’s character as an ” antihero “.

Cody goes by his last name, Jackson and the antihero of the series.

Jason, however, is not afraid to kill, making him a ruthless antihero .

He got where he was n’t sure if Roland was a hero or an antihero .