Anticipate in a sentence

use Anticipate in a sentence

Police are anticipating a rise in crime this summer when many tourists are in town, and criminals are out trying to steal cameras and purses.

I had anticipated that the Liberal Party would win the election.

I sometimes anticipate events in the future in my dreams.

No one had anticipated the earthquake.

I anticipate a good mark on my test because I have been studying really hard this session.

The children had trouble falling asleep on Christmas Eve in anticipation of the visit from Santa Claus.

The newest album by the Rolling Stones is the most widely anticipated record of the year.

Benjamin Disraeli once remarked that what we anticipate seldom occurs, but what we least expect generally happens.

The crowd was growing restless in anticipation of the band coming on stage.

Police hadn’t anticipated the number of people that would be at the demonstration, so things got a little out of control.