anti-doping || in a sentence

anti-doping || in a sentence
Toronto is being considered as a site for the headquarters of a new Olympic anti-doping institution.

The future of WADA, and its role in the anti-doping movement, will be up for debate.

What we can do in Canada is focus on the education side of anti-doping, Qualtrough said.

Backstrom appealed in April to CAS, contending that no anti-doping rule violation occurred.

DW spoke to US anti-doping boss Travis Tygart, who was involved in the story from the start.

A new World anti-doping Agency (WADA) code of conduct allows tests on athletes “at any time.”

In fact, they are probably the real reason sport continues to maintain its anti-doping stance.

anti-doping officials are currently supposed to watch carefully while athletes urinate for a sample.