Annie in a sentence

Annie had her last walk down here.

Annie suddenly felt uncomfortable beneath his gaze.

Annie is canceled that her reaction centers are still maintaining.

Annie appears in the doorway inside half dressed.

Annie was renowned for her trick shots.

Annie is an avid reader and follows global politics.

Annie soon became well known throughout the region.

Annie always had the choice of refusing.

Annie no born too as dem born ?

Annie was twenty minutes away from there.

Annie herself had grown very fond of the child.

But it was great seeing Annie again.

City premiere of musical ” Annie “.

Several reviewers drew parallels between mainstream pop acts and Annie .

Annie Glenn was treated for minor injuries.

The shocked silence was broken by Annie .

Good owner relations, Annie had argued.

He left town, leaving Annie heartbroken.

Two days later, Annie was dead.

Annie began to feel a surge of impatience.

Annie drained her coffee and stood up.

The evidence from Annie is even more transparent.

Annie – thank you for you reply.