animosity in a sentence

Use animosity in a sentence

animosity meaning and collocations;

Meaning: [noun] hatred; strong dislike;

Police suspect old animosity behind the murder.

The singer is now pursuing a solo career, though, there is no animosity between him and the remaining three members.

The political leaders had a mutual respect for one another, despite the animosity expressed during the debates leading up to the election.

Matches between South Korea and Japan are often politically charged given the historical animosity between the two countries.

This incident marked the beginning of animosity between the McLaurys and the Earps.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict “transported” the animosity between Jews and Arabs to Europe to some degree.

But despite their animosity for their other family members, they greatly respect their older brother, Jonesy.

There is a degree of animosity between year-round residents and those who come to spend the winter months on the island.

Radio, TV and other mass media should not carry programmes which may give rise to caste animosity and segregation.