Android in a sentence

This open source software platform motivates Android construct magnificent mobile apps.

They were supported by various Android soldiers.

The Android tutor had a special location unit.

Will probably run Android or something similar.

Android devices had become really popular among the crowd.

Android has tons of great messaging apps available.

Want your ” stock Android ” fix?

The Android compatibility lists are included below .

My 10 ” Android tablet has 1080p resolution.

This Android version keeps getting more finely tuned .

The Android port is coming very soon .

Android pill comes in every different sizes and prices.

The Android represents something different for me.

Android phone fans have plenty of choices.

But phones that run Android vary dramatically in hardware.

Google “email management app Android ” to find them.

Find the best dating site for Android dating.

Android is one the hottest mobile operating systems available today.

The average Android user absolutely will not.

It allows you to selectively turn Android programs off.

Android phones are specifically advertised to be fully customizable.

My Android os showed using 85% of my battery.

I had one almost completed game for Android .

Android games are very popular in the world .

It has Android software that easy to collect .