Analyze in a sentence

use Analyze in a sentence

It could take weeks to analyze all the data, but when we do, the results will be very helpful to our project.

Don’t spend too much time trying to analyze English grammar. It’s better to work at using it rather than thinking about it.

The mechanic put an analyzer on the battery to see if it was recharging properly.

It isn’t always helpful to analyze too closely the grammar of a language you are learning. It’s better to just forget about the grammar rules, and concentrate on communicating.

At the end of a research project, the researcher is normally faced with lots of observations which need to be analyzed.

If you analyze the data, the results are quite clear.

The blood samples were analyzed for signs of the virus.

The political science students analyzed the voting patterns of people living in different parts of the country.

In her job, she analyzes soil for farmers to determine what kind of fertilizer is required.