Analyst in a sentence

According to a political analyst, Premier Campbell will probably lose the election, and in fact, may even lose his own seat.

Most analysts predict the economy will recover over the next year.

Political analysts fear that the country will be thrown into chaos if the President resigns.

Political analysts suggest the new coalition government will fall apart if a power-sharing agreement cannot be reached between the different parties in the next few days.

Social policy analysts have computed that for every dollar spent on helping children at risk today, seven dollars will be saved in the future.

Political analysts have suggested that the majority of the population are supporting the coup against a very corrupt government.

Analysts now believe that the President doesn’t have the faintest chance of passing the legislation in Congress.

Analysts believe that an announcement of the company’s bankruptcy is imminent.

Analysts are unsure as to whether technology which allows users to download music from the Internet will result in a decrease in sales or will actually increase sales of CDs, as artists become better known.