analyst in a sentence

The acceleration was faster than analysts had been expecting.

Most analysts predict the economy will recover over the next year.

News from the area is very negative, and analysts are predicting the worse.

analysts believe that an announcement of the company’s bankruptcy is imminent.

analysts predict the company will provide over 100 full-time, permanent jobs in the region.

He’s a financial analyst with a pretty good reputation for his analysis of economic trends.

Political analysts fear that the country will be thrown into chaos if the President resigns.

analysts are warning that if inflation is not brought under control, thousands of jobs could be lost.

Many analysts feared that the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center would cause a recession in the West.

analysts now believe that the President doesn’t have the faintest chance of passing the legislation in Congress.

analysts say that inflation could rise by as much as 10% a month as the economy struggles with its failing currency.

Business analysts fear that the sudden rise in oil prices may spark a recession if prices are not brought under control.

After a six-month review of the program, analysts have come up with a number of recommendations for improving the system.

According to a political analyst, Premier Campbell will probably lose the election, and in fact, may even lose his own seat.

Political analysts have suggested that the majority of the population are supporting the coup against a very corrupt government.

Political analysts are trying to piece together the sequence of events which led up to the military coup which has shocked the nation.

Social policy analysts have computed that for every dollar spent on helping children at risk today, seven dollars will be saved in the future.