Analogies in a sentence


ESL students often try to draw analogies between English and their mother tongue, but it is not always possible.

His use of diagrams, analogies and examples made his presentation much more effective.

To try to make an analogy between the regime of Saddam Hussein and Hitler is absurd. The actions of Hitler were without parallel in human history.

There can be no analogy to a nuclear war: it is totally beyond all human experience and comprehension.

An analogy can be drawn between the treatment of homosexuals today, and the treatment of various racial minorities in the past.

When my students worry that they aren’t improving, I use the analogy of my children’s growth: I’m not aware of how much they’ve grown because I see them every day, but friends who see them infrequently certainly notice the change.

Schools are organized like factories, and the educational process is analogous to commodity production.

The use of analogies in writing can help to point out relationships which are not always evident.

In a certain way, death can be seen as somewhat analogous to birth; both represent a profound moment of transition.

Ren Jules Dubos once remarked that microbes display associations with other living things which have perplexing and illuminating analogies with human societies.