an explosion of in a sentence

Africa has seen an explosion of cellphone usage.

The record is indeed an explosion of raging energy.

an explosion of sound ruptured the moment.

What is happening is invariably an explosion of taste.

an explosion of smoke signified their failure.

There has been an explosion of night visiting.

It was an explosion of atomic proportions.

It hit in an explosion of noise.

The world is experiencing an explosion of it.

There is an explosion of books about leadership.

Similar results have encouraged an explosion of sparkling wine plantings.

This led to an explosion of musical forms.

The Victorian age saw an explosion of experimentation.

The 1990s saw an explosion of Christian rock.

This provoked an explosion of popular rebellions across Spain.

There was an explosion of poetry and art.

The stage therefore seems set for an explosion of counselling.

We are having an explosion of panels on farms around here .

Considering global demographics, clinicians anticipate an explosion of new cases.

There followed an explosion of scientific interest in the diet.

Talbot is killed in an explosion of his own making.

Georgetown has seen an explosion of population growth in the south.

You are suggesting that there is an explosion of homosexuals ?

Something hits the ground in an explosion of dust.

Learning has never been easier thanks to an explosion of online content.