amputation in a sentence

He said that health officials have found that many people are undergoing amputations because they are not controlling their diabetes.

The non-profit ride has helped local residents pay medical bills from catastrophic diseases and disorders from cancer to leg amputations.

The disease can lead to serious complications such as blindness, kidney damage, cardiovascular disease, limb amputations and premature death.

Many amputations were performed to remove frozen limbs.

Kropp is wounded towards the end of the novel and undergoes an amputation.

amputation was commonplace, even when unnecessary, and care quite rudimentary.

The C-Leg can be used by amputees with either single or bilateral limb amputations.

The disease brings hoarseness, and necessitates amputations of the fingers and toes.

Offered amputation by her doctors, her mother refused and took her to Lourdes instead.

Higgins’ arm would later become severely infected, requiring amputation from the elbow down.

Often, a limb-sparing operation can be performed, however in some cases amputation is unavoidable.

Some argue that tourniquets should never be used in the pre-hospital setting, not even for amputations.

For unknown reasons, Yuki rebelled against Dai-Shocker and was punished through the amputation of his arm.

An altercation between Pickett and Carsely resulted in a bullet mutilating Carsely’s hand, requiring amputation.

Falling into an operating fireplace, he suffered a burn on one leg so severe as to necessitate the amputation of the limb.

In fact, over half of all lower limb amputations in the United States are of patients with diabetes (“Diabetic Neuropathies”).

The doctor told Sri Ramana that a complete amputation of the arm to the shoulder was required to save his life, but he refused.

A large, protruding clitoris should be reduced in size with a nerve-sparing recession or reduction rather than simple amputation.

At the start of the tenth season, Dr. Romano made an unwelcoming return back to the renovating ER after his leave from his amputation.

In March 1991, a new penal code, the Criminal Act of 1991, instituted harsh punishments nationwide, including amputations and stoning.