amputate in a sentence

The single mother of four who was found alive but seriously injured in her wrecked car had her feet amputated at a Colorado hospital.

Smith, Tyler’s grandfather, used a wheelchair and crutches after having a leg amputated because of health problems, the fire chief said.

The father-of-two’s left leg had to be amputated by the emergency services to free him from the conveyor, but he later died on his way to hospital.

His arm was so damaged that it was amputated below the elbow.

1997- His right foot is amputated due to severe diabetic problems.

The man was flown to Kandahar, where part of his left leg was amputated.

Sent to Italy for treatment, her leg could not be saved and was amputated.

In addition, a musket ball shattered Hood’s arm, which had to be amputated.

The psychic mutant Jack-in-the-Box joins after his legs and arms were amputated.

After several months of storylines, Paul was injured and had to have his leg amputated.

He fires again, this time hitting Barry in the leg, which has to be amputated at the knee.

Portions of the nervous system have been eliminated with the loss of the amputated appendage.

Her right arm was amputated and rather than take a desk job, she resigned from the police force.

Legend has it that in order to escape the car wreck he was forced to amputate his leg using a pen knife.

The sadistic Dr. Gordon, who hates Drake and thinks he is immoral, amputates both of his legs needlessly.

He was taken to a hospital near Alexander’s Bridge, where his leg was amputated a few inches from the hip.

Asked for more details, Ryouko explains that that his feet were amputated, which the Kituras find amusing.

A greatly enlarged clitoris could be amputated to the usual size, but attempts to create a penis were unsuccessful.

Chavalia was also acquitted of negligent assault in the wounding of Wilson’s son, whose finger had to be amputated.

A drunken Fyodor, determined to save and marry his beloved, amputates her leg but removes the wrong one accidentally.

CTU still manages to get Fayed, and Gredenko bleeds to death after his arm is amputated to remove a CTU tracking device.

Sarah, John and Bill quickly amputate Miguel’s bitten arm and cauterize the wound in an effort to stop Miguel from becoming a zombie.