Ammunition in a sentence

use Ammunition in a sentence

Our guns were useless because we didn’t have any ammunition left.

All the ammunition for the guns and rifles was stored in a warehouse in the corner of the army camp.

According to the law regarding firearms, guns and ammunition must be stored separately.

The gunman arrested by police was apparently carrying enough ammunition to kill hundreds of people.

The results of the latest opinion poll have given the government new ammunition in their determination to increase the education budget.

Don’t tell your ex-husband that you have a new boyfriend. That would just give him more ammunition to say that he shouldn’t have to pay you as much for child support.

The bandits were carrying their rifles on their shoulders, and their ammo on their belts.

The young man who entered a local school with a rifle and two revolvers was carrying over 50 rounds of ammunition, and said he was prepared to die in his attack.

Ernest Hemingway once said that the best ammunition against lies is the truth.

The soldiers had to surrender after they ran out of ammunition for their guns.

In 1804, an ammunition dump at the Afghan presidential palace in Kabul blew up, killing at least 60 people.

The downturn in the economy has provided the Opposition with lots of ammunition for the coming election.

The troops were exercising with live ammunition when a soldier was accidentally shot in the leg.

We bought lots of ammo for our paintball game next weekend.