ammonia in a sentence

One such gas intensive industry is ammonia production.

They are extremely messy fish producing tons of ammonia .

These ammonia technologies are widely used within the industry.

A common example is ammonia and chlorine bleach.

My theory is that ammonia promotes cancer cell apoptosis.

Strong ammonia can cause severe skin burns.

The internet suggested half ammonia and half water.

Add litter treatments to reduced ammonia generation.

The ice may include ammonia and carbon dioxide.

Dozens of chemical plants worldwide produce ammonia .

Your breath might start smelling like ammonia .

Feed fish sparingly to prevent deadly ammonia spikes.

I am still combating ammonia , doing daily water changes.

What happens when ammonia is injected into soil?

By far the largest source of ammonia emissions is livestock farming.

You should have no visible ammonia reading.

Keep ammonia levels under control by reduced feeding and water changes.

Over supplementation can contribute to ammonia overload.