Ameliorate in a sentence

Use Ameliorate in a sentence


Meaning: [verb] improve, make better ;

Financial reforms may ameliorate the current economic difficulties.

Political reforms may ameliorate the living conditions of the poor.

He helped to ameliorate the living conditions of working men.

Since the severe drought in 2000, dams have been constructed to ameliorate the problem.

The journal is designed to ameliorate several problems that beset academic publishing.

A large number of people became attracted to him upon hearing of his yogic powers to ameliorate their sufferings.

Clearly, steps must be taken to ameliorate this bad situation.

A general water law is proposed to ameliorate the management of water resources.

The climate is mild and ameliorated by the Gulf Stream.

Montrose seized this happy moment as one to ameliorate his own fate.

The Constitution obliged the state to act positively to ameliorate these conditions.

Vaccines can prevent or ameliorate morbidity from infection.