Ambush in a sentence

use Ambush in a sentence

Four American soldiers were injured in Iraq today when their truck was ambushed by rebel forces.

Mexican revolutionary hero Emiliano Zapata was ambushed and killed by government troops in April of 1919.

The children ambushed their father with water balloons as he came out of the house.

They ambushed their boss with requests for a raise at the annual Christmas party.

The women were ambushed by a man who had been hiding in the bushes while they were walking thorough the park.

I felt like I had been ambushed at the staff meeting when Avril and Michelle started asking me all these questions about what I was doing.

Mountain lions often wait in trees for deer to come by so they can ambush them.

Rebel soldiers killed over 20 government troops in a bloody ambush just outside the capital city.

The rebels had set an ambush for the presidential motorcade.