Alternate in a sentence

use Alternate in a sentence

We need to come up with an alternate plan, in case this one doesn’t work.

The apple crisp recipe calls for alternate layers of apples and a mixture of oats and nuts.

We had to take an alternate route to the airport because of the road construction.

In the future, we will have to rely more on alternate energy sources.

Cactus plants offer a perfect alternative to clotheslines in the hot, dry climate of Haiti.

In 1978, it was announced that the names of hurricanes would begin to alternate between men and women’s names instead of always being named after women.

The buses are on strike, so you’ll need to find an alternate way of getting to work.

We could have a company golf tournament, or alternatively, we could try something like an overnight camping trip.

Her new medication helps to keep her from constantly alternating between extreme moods.

Henry Kissinger once said that the absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously.

The process of decision-making consists of choosing from among a set of alternatives.