altercation in a sentence

The altercation was caught on a video and has been widely viewed online.

A husband and wife had a verbal dispute, which turned into an altercation.

347714 In 2012, he had an altercation with rapper Drake at a New York club.

Police said he got into an altercation with the officer, injuring her head.

No staff members used lethal force, nor were any injured in the altercation.

About 10 people arrived at the party around 3 a.m. and an altercation ensued.

Christopher J. Partee is accused of shooting his friend during an altercation.

Hours before tip-off, the teams had a physical altercation inside the WFCU Centre.

A complainant stated she and a subject had a dispute, which led to an altercation.

After an altercation, Bieber is reported to have been ordered to leave the festival.

Published reports suggested the altercation escalated into a physical confrontation.

Jonchuck was arrested as a result of the call after an altercation with Phoebe’s mother.

Edmond showed no emotion as videos of the altercation were played in court earlier today.

Police believe a physical altercation took place inside the apartment between the two men.

She ordered her colleagues to pull Williams to his feet, which set off another altercation.

Police said when they arrived, the 15-20 men involved in “an altercation” had already left.