alpine in a sentence

This rocky alpine landscape leaves waterways starved for nutrients.

Rich alpine flora and unique bird life.

A botanical conservatory devoted to alpine plants.

alpine species occur at altitudes exceeding 4000 meters.

Above the tree line are alpine meadows.

It rises about 500 meters above alpine tree line.

These alpine lakes provide great fishing for natural trout.

The forest cover is mainly white spruce and alpine fir.

The park’s alpine pasture lands are another highlight.

This is an alpine playground year round.

The region is also rich in alpine lakes.

Weather is wildly unpredictable in the alpine tundra.

alpine is a quaint village with western hospitality.

Consequently wind in alpine regions imposes severe mechanical stress on plants.

Above this line lies volcanic desert and alpine tundra.

Spain has enjoyed some success in competitive alpine skiing.

Several interesting alpine like climbing possibilities like rock climbing exist.

Above the lower alpine zone there is usually frost every night.

Truly alpine terrain was found in the southern mountain ranges.

This area has pine forests and some alpine meadows.

alpine plants are common in this zone.

Weather is everything on a long alpine route.

Truly alpine terrain appears in the southern mountain ranges.

Nordic poles are longer than poles for alpine skiing.

Assistance of alpine guide throughout your stay.