Allocation in a sentence

use Allocation in a sentence

Members of the Opposition want the government to review its aid allocation for Haiti in response to a recent report on human rights abuses in the island nation.

A request for the allocation of additional funds has been sent to the Board of Directors.

We were able to sell our entire allocation of tickets for the charity concert in just over a week.

A plan has been outlined to allocate a sizeable portion of the land under development to the construction of low-cost housing.

The money set aside for the new project has been reallocated to the expansion of a different project.

Due to the huge demand, tickets will be allocated using a lottery system.

The admin staff is suggesting that the space which has been allocated for their offices in the new building is insufficient.

Almost half of a teacher’s time is allocated to preparing classes and marking assignments and tests.

It was intended that schools should receive their allocation before the Easter holiday.