alliance in a sentence

The alliance calls such members medically fragile.

This optional rule makes alliances more powerful.

Such vehicles are called strategic alliances – strategic partnerships.

That alliance had overall control until 2006.

Still the human alliance is called culture.

The ” alliance ” promised more operations in future.

A formal alliance was signed in 1536.

Economic interests and previous relationships often determined alliances .

The alliance victory defined borders between the neighboring states.

Major shipping companies sought strategic alliances and partners.

The alliance lasted nearly 200 years and was successful.

A regimental alliance was made official in 1914.

To continue this disastrous alliance longer is madness.

He expanded his empire through marriage alliances .

Neither nation has ever broken the alliance ever since.

Fiat has undertaken numerous joint ventures and alliances .

The attempted alliance did not last long.

The alliance has no official leading party.

Many such alliances were sealed by marriages.