Alibi in a sentence

Use Alibi in a sentence

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Alibi ;

Meaning: [noun]an excuse that shows someone was not at a crime
scene ;

Both men offered alibis backed by several witnesses.

Wang lacked an alibi , and was unable to clear herself.

Additionally, each person had an alibi corroborated by other passengers.

He is the only suspect without an acceptable American alibi.

He was soon released after the confirmation of his alibis.

The suspects in both incidents furnished solid alibis and were not indicted.

He confesses about his false alibi and talks of his past.

Did any of them have solid alibis during the crime?

We started interviewing and eliminating, checking alibis , the usual procedure.

He and his friends had a perfect alibi and the judge let them go.

Coe had an alibi and witnesses attesting to his innocence.