Albeit in a sentence


He is an excellent artist, albeit somewhat of a controversial one.

After 10 years working for his father, albeit somewhat reluctantly, he finally realized his dream of starting his own business.

The Fox & Frog is an authentic British-style pub, albeit a rather rundown and seedy-looking one.

The government has agreed to delay the legislation, albeit only temporarily, but it is a positive first step nonetheless.

My parents have agreed, albeit with some conditions, to let me borrow their car for the holidays.

Albertson finally got the job, albeit only because they couldn’t find anyone else.

Albeit of very small size, Portland’s local arts community is thriving.

My book is going to be published next year, albeit only in a very limited run at first.

She made a profit, albeit a very small one, on her first investment in the stock market.

Albert Einstein once said that reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.

Hockey star Sergei Federov was married, albeit only briefly, to tennis beauty Anna Kournekova in 2002.