airfield in a sentence

The designated airfield measured roughly 250 hectares.

The supply effort received top airfield priority.

The venue is a very strange airfield .

The airfield has been involved in several aviation records.

The airfield traffic pattern is flown either northwards or southwards.

The need to defend airfields presented special problems.

This area was valued for airfield construction.

The airfield was built between 1940 and 1941.

Air strikes against the airfield become routine thereafter.

Friendly airfields were not yet fully ready.

There is no suitable airfield near enough.

Their primary targets were seven Egyptian airfields .

Fighters protect your bombers or attack enemy airfields .

Some airfields are equipped with underground storage and repair space.

Army fought furiously to regain the airfield .

The first attack wave targets airfields and battleships.

The airfield was used for both training and operations.

The vulnerable operations buildings on some airfields were hidden underground.

The operations group controls all flying and airfield operations.

The airfield consisted of three runways and several auxiliary airfields.