aircraft in a sentence

Ships can’t rival aircraft for speed.

One of the aircraft‘s engines cut out.

Thanks to the development of aircraft, the world has become much smaller.

Rescuers are now fearful that no one has survived the crash of the aircraft.

The jet crashed so hard that the nose of the aircraft was buried 15 feet underground.

During World War Two, parrots were kept on the Eiffel Tower to warn of enemy aircraft.

The space shuttle goes into orbit like a rocket, and returns to earth like an aircraft.

In February of 1966, a jet aircraft crashed in Tokyo Bay, killing 133 passengers and crew.

During World War Two, parrots were kept on the Eiffel Tower to warn of approaching aircraft.

Engineers are examining the wreckage of the aircraft in an attempt to determine why it crashed.

The passenger cabin of commercial aircraft is pressurized for the comfort and safety of the passengers.

The pilot of a small airplane has died after his aircraft suddenly dove into the sea for unknown reasons.

The pilot raised the flaps on the wings of the aircraft in order to reduce speed as they came down to land.

British fighter pilot Johnnie Johnson flew more than 1,000 missions during World War II and shot down 38 enemy aircraft.

On August 22, 1849, Austria launched unmanned balloons carrying bombs in the world’s first known use of aircraft in warfare.

A jet fighter has crashed during a routine training mission, killing the pilot and destroying the multi-million dollar aircraft.

In 1976, the Lockheed aircraft Corporation admitted it had bribed senior government officials in the Netherlands, Japan, Sweden and Italy.

er of 1983, the Soviet Union admitted shooting down Korean Air Lines Flight 007 but said their pilots were not aware that their target was a civilian aircraft.

nvention on International Carriage by Air deals with questions of liability regarding the international movement of passengers, baggage, and cargo by aircraft.

During the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, 21 U.S. ships were heavily damaged, 323 aircraft were damaged or destroyed, 2,390 people were killed, and 1,178 more were wounded.

The Boeing 767 aircraft is a collection of 3.

1 million parts from 800 different suppliers around the world: fuselage parts from Japan, center wing section from South