Air strike in a sentence

Coalition air strikes quickly gained air supremacy.

Israel launched air strikes against more than 100 targets overnight.

A promised air strike failed to arrive.

The air strikes continued in ensuing days.

air strikes against the airfield become routine thereafter.

NATO generals voiced reservations about making air strikes .

air strikes continued until 10 December 1971.

Main job is to call in air strikes .

Tactical air strikes failed to silence these guns.

It regrets the air strikes that are taking place.

After daylight an air strike partially destroyed the underwater bridge.

The assault was supported by an air strike .

They have launched so many air strikes .

Further air strikes followed the next day.

During the operation, jet air strikes came frequently.

A NATO air strike killed between 45 and 100 civilians.

Artillery fire and air strikes requested by Schmitt never came.

air strikes and artillery preparations were to precede the infantry attack.

The distress call requests an immediate air strike on the base.

His approval was needed for all air strikes in country.

Or perhaps some air strike by US forces .

And specifically, are we talking about possible air strikes ?

Improved visibility also aided observation of artillery fire and air strikes .