air-force in a sentence

He had on plain dark-wash jeans, and brown air-force 1’s.

He buried his nose in a large air-force blue handkerchief and searched among his papers.

In October 2010, the Israeli and Greek air-forces trained jointly in Greece.

Allied air-forces enjoyed aerial superiority on all three Theaters by the summer of 1944.

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Its transformation since then has been led by Rafi Harlev, a retired air-force brigadier.

Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak, a former air-force pilot, talks like a reluctant warrior.

In episode 437, de Pledge left the show as Harding-Browne had enlisted himself into the air-force .

Within a year, a miniaturized lightweight airborne version was built for British and French air-force experiments.

I, “P2617”, now preserved at the Royal air-force Museum, Hendon.

The former served as a flight-sergeant in the British air-force , whereas the latter in the U.S. Army.

The glider fleet will extend steadily during the following years and is used for training of young Indonesian air-force pilots.

In 1977, the Moroccan Mirage pilots started their training in an air-force base located in Orange, France.

With the formation of the Luftwaffe, air-force generals began to use the same general ranks as the German army.

Fifteen army and four air-force officers were found guilty of conspiracy and were handed jail terms ranging from three months to life.

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A retired air-force general, Chung Yoo-hoo, is alleged to have accepted about $150,000 in 1989 from seven junior officers.

Centred in East Anglia, the Snowball Campaign involved a symbolic cutting of the perimeter fence at air-force bases around the country.

If tens of thousands of people are prepared to take to the streets and to camp outside obscure air-force bases for months on end, what will they do when cruise becomes a reality?