AIDS in a sentence

They auctioned off clothing by famous designers to raise money for research into AIDS.

Our good friend and colleague, Henry Thompson, lost his battle against AIDS this past weekend.

He contracted AIDS after having casual sex with a number of different partners without using condoms.

Doctors are trying to combat the spread of AIDS with a new miracle drug.

The government has announced increased funding towards combatting the spread of AIDS.

The government is conducting tests of a drug that may prove useful in the fight against AIDS.

He contracted AIDS after having unprotected sex with another man.

He contributes a lot of time and money to helping people with AIDS.

With advances in genetics, perhaps someday a cure will be found for AIDS.

There are currently a number of different therapies being used to combat AIDS.

Better health education is needed to fight the spread of AIDS.

The spread of AIDS has reached epidemic proportions in certain parts of Africa.

According to Time magazine, at least 68 million people are expected to die of AIDS by 2020.

Singer Elton John raised more than $615,000 in November 2000 for his AIDS foundation with the sale of thousands of his clothes.