ahead of schedule in a sentence

Our fence arrived yesterday ahead of schedule .

Its construction was completed four months ahead of schedule .

The genome was sequenced ahead of schedule .

The task was completed ahead of schedule .

They dock two days ahead of schedule .

This has come eight years ahead of schedule .

The work was finished four months ahead of schedule .

This was commissioned ahead of schedule in mid 2011.

Labs got packed and moved well ahead of schedule .

We are ahead of schedule in some ways.

It was completed a year ahead of schedule .

Construction is ahead of schedule on the rowing facility .

The line had been repaired ahead of schedule , it said.

It is possible to repay a loan ahead of schedule .

The prison opened one month ahead of schedule in November 1997.

I am glad that I am a little ahead of schedule .

Is this why ISON is now 3 days ahead of schedule ?

So I met my goal, ten weeks ahead of schedule .

The project is ahead of schedule at this time.

By completing this intricate task well ahead of scheduled time.

A health problem can force you into retirement ahead of schedule .

Wilson Ramos is catching again , ahead of schedule if anything .

In fact, we’re ahead of schedule .