agriculturally in a sentence

Firsby has always been an agriculturally based village with a dark and rich loamy soil over a heavy clay subsoil.

Kameoka requested a sister city in Oklahoma that was about one hour from the capital, agriculturally based, and home to a university.

Thereof fall 73.4 % upon agriculturally used area, 14.7 % upon forest area, 9.4 % upon settlement area and roads, and 1.9 % upon other.

” The devastation benefited the occupying power by preventing spill-over of resistance to other agriculturally important regions.

679714 The Badger State is more agriculturally luxurious than ever.

The tiny African beetles were first noticed in Hawaii’s agriculturally rich Kona region only in 2010.

Purdue was founded in 1869, establishing a center for advanced learning and study, which at that time was primarily agriculturally focused.

Many agriculturally oriented industries located in Tampico during this time period.

Because of the fertility of the land, Phetchabun has always been agriculturally productive area.

Barring Mumbai, the greater portion of Konkan is generally backward industrially and agriculturally.

FFA Advisor: Shelia Daum FFA is an organization of high school students who compete in agriculturally based events.

In addition, an enormous wadi channels water to these valleys, making the area agriculturally productive in years of good rainfall.

The monsoon has now covered almost all of the agriculturally important north-west of India.