agrarian in a sentence

The Slovenian kozolec has grown from being a simple agrarian tool into a symbol of national pride.

The victims of agrarian violence were frequently Irish land agents , middlemen, and tenants.

These disturbances and uprisings were agrarian unrest.

The cost of agrarian reform was high.

It cruises slightly elevated above the surrounding agrarian land.

Do succession patterns differ according to agrarian social class?

In 1906 two agrarian movements were founded.

Punjab shows a predominantly agrarian economy having a poor industrial output.

The government also conducted an agrarian reform.

It brought economic freedoms and agrarian and legal reform.

The disaster also increased calls for agrarian reform.

He used the newfound security to undertake agrarian reforms.

This led to increase of agrarian production.

Greater degrees of social stratification appeared in agrarian societies.

So the outline agrarian law policy was the right policy?

Some were agrarian in focus, others industrial.

Meanwhile, agrarian rebellions continued to rise.

Hunter-gatherer tribes settled around seasonal food stocks to become agrarian villages.

Kolchak’s agrarian policy was directed toward restoring private land ownership.

Árbenz began promoting agrarian reform soon after becoming President.