Agonize in a sentence

use Agonize in a sentence

She suffered an agonizing death when she was caught in the machinery at the factory.

We agonized for days over what to do before finally making the decision to sell our car rather than try to have it repaired again.

Stuart went through a few agonizing weeks waiting to find out if he had passed all his exams.

The results of her medical exam were agonizingly slow in coming back.

The hiker had fallen and broken his back and agonized for hours before being found by a search team.

She did a lot of agonizing before deciding to take her children and leave her abusive husband.

Choosing to quit my job and go back to school was an agonizing decision for me.

Many animals die an agonizing death in the name of scientific progress.

The old woman gave the doctor an agonized look and begged him to relieve her pain.

Confucius once noted that he who will not economize will have to agonize.