agitation in a sentence

There was a great deal of agitation.

A powerful agitation by the Europeans scuttled the move.

In Seattle, this became the subject of public agitation.

The League immediately organised a fresh storm of agitation.

This cleaning action was marketed by Hoover as “Positive agitation“.

Thevar again led agitations and awareness-raising campaigns against the Act.

This agitation is known as the Chabian da Morcha (Keys Affair) in Sikh history.

In 1815 Owen, apparently single-handedly, started an agitation for factory reform.

Political agitation against the King continued, however, leading to civil disturbances.

Whenever there has been an effort to spread it there has been agitation and resistance.

There was also a lot of agitation in the Punjab for linguistic and religious separatism.

Public meetings were held throughout the province that was followed by widespread agitation.

Women’s active participation in the Chipko agitation was a very novel aspect of the movement.

They could also make use of the time to plan and prepare properly for launching the agitation.

CPI(M) launched agitations against the interventions of the central government in West Bengal.

The heat, water, and agitation cause the scales of the hair fibers to open up and lock together.

However, some people experience agitation and delusion and mistake their hallucinations for reality.

Keys agitation Management of the Golden Temple had always been of special interest to the community.

Plasma does not separate from blood cells in the body because it is in a constant state of agitation.

Franke joined Tangerine Dream in 1970 from the group agitation Free to replace Schulze as the drummer.

In order to put an end to the agitation the government invoked the provisions of the Seditious Meetings Act.

In January-February 1965, large scale anti-Hindi agitations, a cause championed by the DMK, Guha, Ramachandra.