Aghast in a sentence

use Aghast in a sentence


[adjective] struck with fear, dread;

The entire nation was aghast at the horrible murder of two small children by their baby-sitter.

I was aghast when the teacher patted a female student on the rear.

I’m aghast at the lack of manners, common sense and so on and so forth on the net.

We were very aghast at learning that Calvin had been fired.

Even police were aghast at what they saw when they arrived at the scene of the accident.

She will be aghast when she get to know the results.

Audience and performers were aghast at her voice’s amazing range and Gilly’s soulful use of it.

I was aghast at yesterday’s news.

He was aghast at hearing that his daughter had shoplifted.

We were aghast at the intensity of our mother’s anger.

The mother was aghast and was at once all sympathy.