Agglomeration: in a sentence

Definition of Agglomeration

a collection or mass of things

use Agglomeration in a sentence

San Antonio, Laredo, Houston and the Lower Rio Grande Valley, an urban agglomeration of 1.2 million residents strung along one smooth freeway.

The gatehouse at Hever Castle contains a frightening agglomeration of torture instruments, including axes used for beheading prisoners.

it was really the agglomeration of those different experiences that made me realize that he was lying to me.

David Hudson describes that day as an’ agglomeration‘ of bad news, including the incessant bad news on Lloyd’s.

That’s actually an agglomeration of information that’s been collected by a number of researchers over the last 20 years.

The United States and the EU represent the world’s largest agglomeration of stable democracies, large economies, well-educated and outward-looking populations, advanced technology sectors, and active nongovernmental organizations.

The system should avoid unnecessary agglomeration of data.

The state’s capital city, Sao Paulo, is the second- or third-largest urban agglomeration in the world, with world-class problems of governance.
The transportation service has had no experience managing an urban agglomeration of this size and complexity.
outside towns I think wherever there is an agglomeration of houses, boards should be put up in order to warn motorists and prevent motor-cars going fast through those places.
it has a very big agglomeration of industry: It is the centre of the Northumberland-Durham coal field, is a shipbuilding centre, and has many other industries.
With agglomeration of settlements, some village churches were downgraded and abandoned; others became our parish churches.

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