Agenda in a sentence

use Agenda in a sentence

Can I add something to our agenda for tomorrow’s meeting?

Looking at the agenda, I’d say it’ll probably be a long meeting.

So, what’s on your agenda for the kids today?

The Reform Party doesn’t seem to have any real political agenda; they just follow popular opinion.

Activists are working hard to ensure that environmental issues are high on the agenda at the international summit in June.

The first item on our agenda today is the current state of negotiations to avoid a strike.

Tom seems to have his own private agenda that works against the needs of the others in his office.

Pope John Paul II once said that war should belong to the tragic past, to history: it should find no place on humanity’s agenda for the future.

Please read the agenda before tomorrow’s meeting.

Any items on this week’s agenda that are not discussed today will have to wait until next week.