afterward in a sentence

The fort was abandoned several years afterward .

A skin graft may be applied afterward .

The person cited may afterward alter his mind.

Such laws were afterward enacted and rigorously enforced.

The photographs leave a lasting impression afterward .

In ten minutes afterward a terrific explosion took place aft.

The first contractor audit services were established shortly afterward .

Its economy became stagnant for many years afterward .

Both sides continued to pursue calm afterward .

afterward the city built protective flood walls.

More than fifty attended counseling sessions afterward .

His campsite and car were found abandoned shortly afterward .

Father and son left town shortly afterward .

The run of programs concluded shortly afterward .

Dong was afterward forced to commit suicide.

Soon afterward the former war correspondent began publishing mostly fiction.

Shortly afterward he was found dead having presumably committed suicide.

The magazine enjoyed great success for decades afterward .

Many women experience spotting or mild diarrhea afterward .

The stuff that actually helps happens afterward .

I was pretty seriously depressed for years afterward .