Affectionate in a sentence

use Affectionate in a sentence

Our cat is very affectionate, and will sit on your lap and purr for hours.

The old man kissed his wife affectionately before leaving the house for his daily walk.

My mother wasn’t very affectionate with us kids when I was young, so I’m not used to hugging and stuff.

The mother looked affectionately at her son as he sat drawing pictures at the table.

Our dog is very affectionate, and will sit at our feet for hours.

The word “gazelle” comes from the Arabic word for affectionate, and it is believed to be inspired by the creature’s large, gentle eyes.

He is very affectionate in public, and it totally embarrasses his girlfriend, who is quite shy.

The old woman kissed her husband affectionately and stroked his hair as he lay dying in the hospital bed.

Like human babies, infant chimpanzees need affectionate physical contact for healthy development.