Affable in a sentence

Use Affable in a sentence

Affable ;

Meaning: [adjective] friendly; social; easygoing ;

He’s an affable man in general, and his love for his wife and daughter is unmatched.

Steve has always been an extremely affable person.

The staff at were particularly affable and keen to please.

His affable and wholesome nature makes those around him protective of him.

His affable manner, humble nature and delightful wit have endeared him to his fans nearly as much as his musical talent has.

He taps on the arm of Angela Merkel in a very affable way, Mathilde Richter says.

She is an affable person and has a pleasing way of speaking.

She is, in contrast to Miss Courtney, affable and friendly towards Sidney, Mr. Brown and the students.

Like Kotsenburg, Davis is unbelievably affable and friendly.

He described his son as sensitive, willing and affable.