aerodynamic in a sentence

Coriolis drift is not an aerodynamic effect.

The radiator vent on the nosecone improves aerodynamics.

aerodynamically the most efficient, but difficult to make.

During re-entry, the wings provided little or no aerodynamic lift.

The aerodynamic shape makes for little wind noise inside this large car.

Cars’ aerodynamics are heavily modified and the engines feature blowers.

Automotive aerodynamics is the study of the aerodynamics of road vehicles.

Oblique Flying Wing, Supersonic aerodynamics The program entails two phases.

The “new” Coloni C3C was simply a 1989 C3 with minor changes in aerodynamics.

Furthermore, some adjustments through autosculpt impact the car’s aerodynamics.

aerodynamics aerodynamic drag is the main source of losses on a solar race car.

How the Lab Rats get these non-aerodynamic vehicles off the ground is a mystery.

The model also includes details of applied aerodynamic forces and how they vary.

Using improved aerodynamics to minimize drag can increase vehicle fuel efficiency.

Both cars featured minor aerodynamic differences from the other R90CKs and R90CPs.