aerobics in a sentence

Dodds ) tells him she is leaving him for an aerobics instructor.

aerobics classes, circuit training, and yoga classes are also held in the gym.

This lead to both of them losing weight and her mother becoming a well known aerobics instructor.

She would do weight training, hill work, interval training, cardio and lungs training, aqua aerobics.

If the space is limited, you can still run in place and combine the Samurai aerobics cutting movements.

She practices and excels in regular aerobics, and appears to be the captain of her school’s volleyball team.

There, his father was an accountant and his mother a high school gym teacher and later an aerobics instructor.

In terms of sports, aerobics, gym, yoga, swimming, tennis, diving, tai-chi, and numerous other courses are offered.

Some theme days in the past have included: Disney Day, Superhero Day, Class Theme Day, Cowgirl Day and 80’s aerobics Day.

To compensate, she began actively participating in aerobics and strengthening exercises under the direction of Leni Cazden.

Before that she had sung and danced on the streets for spare change, teaching aerobics and serving quesadillas at a food stand.

Mass involvement tends to favour sports such as swimming and aerobics, and tends to stress the competitive aspects less than men.

This new facility has a soccer field, basketball, and volleyball courts; dance/aerobics studio, ping-pong tables, and a swimming pool.