Adulation in a sentence

Use Adulation in a sentence


Meaning: [ ] extreme praise and admiration for somebody ;

Her husband was corrupted by the power and adulation he received.

These two film continue to bag awards, adulation and appreciation.

Sadly, amidst all adulation and applause, he slowly loses his own identity.

He gained worldwide renown and the adulation of Italians.

I never understood adulation from strangers when I was making movies.

World Cup leading scorer James Rodriguez was the center of particular adulation from the Colombian fans in Bogota.

What is striking about The Beatles’ first trip to America is how quickly they adapted to the adulation that surrounded them.

Obsessed with adulation, Trujillo promoted an extravagant cult of personality.

Through his career he has earned commercial as well as critical adulation.

Off the field he takes the inevitable acclaim and adulation in his stride .